Has research been done to prove telepsychiatry works? What’s the evidence base?

Yes, telepsychiatry is comparable to in-person visits. In fact, studies have shown that telepsychiatry is effective for diagnosing mental disorders across ages — children, adults, and the elderly — and across ethnicities. Across studies, telepsychiatry has shown to provide clinical outcomes equivalent to face-to-face visits. Plus, across studies, diagnoses, and demographics, patients generally achieve improved symptoms and improved quality of life.

In fact, telepsychiatry has advantages over in-person care. Video visits increase access to a psychiatric practitioner, and can assist with collaborative care. Even those in rural communities and remote areas of the world — in other words, geographies with sparse populations — can access specialty care with the help of telepsychiatry.

Telepsychiatry is cost-effective. A study limited to the cost of providing clinical service has shown 10% reduction in cost per patient, when telepsychiatry was used versus in-person care. In the majority of studies, telepsychiatry is more cost-effective.

And both patients and providers are satisfied with telepsychiatry video visits. Patients feel they get along with their provider


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Last updated on 8th October 2020

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