How can Orbit Health provide COVID-19 psychiatry services?

Identify a small confidential area accessible for clinical use. All you really need is internet access, a desk, and a chair. We will place a video screen there and provide psychiatrists via high quality videoconferencing technology. We can use your existing computers or devices to stream a connection over a web-based telepsychiatry platform. Alternatively, we can provide a portable device that is dedicated to telepsychiatry and is always on. The technologies we use are specifically designed for telehealth encounters and are HIPAA compliant. Clinical encounters are not recorded.

When the patient is ready to be seen, our telepsychiatrist will appear on the screen to provide expert clinical care. After the session, the telepsychiatrist will submit the clinical documentation directly into your electronic health record.

What are the advantages of Orbit Health Telepsychiatry?

  • Providing telepsychiatry staff with expertise and training in COVID-19 and mental health
  • Providing psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy
  • Participating in treatment team meetings and consultation with onsite staff
  • Increasing patient satisfaction
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Reducing costs of recruiting, hiring, managing and retaining onsite staff
Last updated on 19th July 2020

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