How does telepsychiatry work for forensic evaluations?

Identify a small, confidential area in your forensic setting that has internet access, a desk, and a chair. We will place a video screen there and provide psychiatrists via high quality videoconferencing technology. We can use the facility’s existing computers or devices to stream a connection over a web-based telepsychiatry platform.

Alternatively, we can provide a portable device that is dedicated to telepsychiatry and is always on. The technologies we use are specifically designed for telehealth encounters and are HIPAA-compliant.

When the subject of the forensic evaluation is ready to be seen, our telepsychiatrist will appear on the screen to conduct an expert evaluation. Forensic evaluations can be recorded if given permission from the subject’s attorney or by direction of the judge presiding over the case. Otherwise, the session will not be recorded. After the session(s), the telepsychiatrist will prepare his/her forensic report.

Contact Orbit Health to Get Connected to a Qualified Expert Witness Today: If you have a pending legal matter that would benefit from advice, opinion or testimony from a qualified psychiatric expert, you do not need to rely on whoever happens to be located nearby. It does not matter if there are no such experts in your area. Orbit Health will connect you with a qualified, professional, and effective forensic psychiatric expert, transmitted to any location that has internet access. Reach out to Orbit Health to discuss your options for telepsychiatry today.

Last updated on 19th July 2020

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