How can a provider start a telepsychiatry practice?

To start a telepsychiatry practice, you must be licensed by the state to practice, and meet the requirements of your practice. Ideally, you would have board certification in psychiatry.

You'll additionally need broadband, a desktop computer such as a Mac or Windows PC, along with a webcam. Ideally, you can use a dedicated microphone and speaker headset, to maximize your audio.

You need to ensure you have the right software. You need to ensure you have an electronic health record, a prescription system, and ways to receive and send messages. Your videoconferencing setup -- whether it's Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams -- needs to be HIPAA-compliant, and you would need a signed business associates agreement (BAA). While you could create a telemedicine service from scratch, there can be costs for telehealth implementation. Costs include human resources (HR) time, but also marketing, malpractice and legal, along with additional training time.

Finally, you can join an existing group, like Orbit Health. Orbit Health offers full-time and part-time positions in adult psychiatry (outpatient, inpatient, partial hospitalization, and more), child & adolescent psychiatry, community psychiatry, emergency & crisis psychiatry, and forensic psychiatry/health. Partnering with Orbit Health is a faster way to implement telepsychiatry services than building your own services from scratch. Orbit Health provides telepsychiatry for facilities across the United States, with board-certified physicians and nurse practitioners licensed in all 50 states.

Whether you enjoy working from home or on-site, Orbit Health has multiple positions for psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, and more! Here’s why people like working for Orbit Health — where you can tell us about your job interests and apply to work with us.

Last updated on 18th March 2021

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