How can Orbit Health help your forensic evaluations?

Orbit Health brings qualified expert witnesses directly to your conference room and courthouse.

Many legal matters, both civil and criminal, turn on the opinions offered by expert witnesses. Whether a case involves the damaging effects of personal injury, the reasonableness of a medical professional’s diagnosis and treatment, or the proper operation of a piece of complicated machinery, expert opinions often form the backbone of each party’s arguments to the judge and jury. Experts in the field of forensic psychiatry, in particular, are necessary for a wide variety of legal matters.

Not every jurisdiction has access to every type of expert, however. Some parties and some matters cannot justify the expense of flying a medical professional thousands of miles to draft an opinion and testify. Moreover, with limitations imposed during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and other natural disasters, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to bring an expert to the locale where a matter is taking place. Thankfully, with the use of telecommunications, you can now bring the expert to your conference meeting or courtroom immediately, efficiently, and with much less cost.

Orbit Health connects the best and brightest forensic psychiatric specialists from around the country to litigants in need of expert opinions and testimony, no matter their location, without all the extra expense and complication of travel.

If you have a pending legal matter that would benefit from advice, opinion or testimony from a qualified psychiatric expert, you do not need to rely on whoever happens to be located nearby. It does not matter if there are no such experts in your area. Orbit Health will connect you with a qualified, professional, and effective forensic psychiatric expert, transmitted to any location that has internet access. Reach out to Orbit Health to discuss your options for telepsychiatry today.

Last updated on 19th July 2020

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